“A” Antony Blinken was executed by the People’s Liberation Army during an unannounced visit to Beijing last week, but White Hats are uncertain whether the deceased is the authentic Blinken or a body double or clone, a Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command source told Real Raw News.

On Monday, Cyberspace Command intercepted correspondence between Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink and Lloyd Austin detailing the circumstances of Blinken’s death.

Cyberspace Command learned that a State Department plane carrying Blinken, Kritenbrink, and an unknown number of Deep Staters requested permission to land at Beijing Capital International Airport at 15:13 UTC on June 3. The tower denied clearance to land, saying no flight plan had been filed and that Blinken had been banned from entering China.

In February, the regime canceled Blinken’s previously scheduled trip to China after a United States Air Force F-22 Raptor shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon that had soared unimpeded from Alaska to the Atlantic Coast. Cyberspace Command said that’s partly fake news; the truth is Xi Jinping declared Blinken persona non grata and cautioned him to avoid China or face the consequences.

A schism has recently formed between the regime and Beijing. As reported last month, Xi Jinping called Biden a fake president, and Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu refused to meet Lloyd Austin last week at a defense summit in Singapore.

Apparently, Blinken ignored the warning, even as air traffic controllers at Beijing International Airport demanded his plane depart Chinese airspace. The pilot retorted that Blinken was on a mission of “international importance” and had to speak with Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang to personally deliver a communique from Joseph Biden.

Meanwhile, two J-10 fighter aircraft intercepted Blinken’s plane. The fighter pilots, who spoke English, instructed Blinken’s aircraft to follow them to a final approach path for runway 18L, then land and await an escort.

Cyberspace Command does not know why the J-10s allowed the plane to land instead of shooting it down.

A bevy of military vehicles teeming with armed soldiers met Blinken’s plane on the runway. Only Blinken and Kritenbrink, under armed guard, were allowed to disembark. Blinken blew a fuse. He verbally accosted an unknown Chinese dignitary who, via an interpreter, said he had arranged for Vice-Premier Ding to meet with Blinken at an office in the airport terminal. Blinken lost his cool; he lambasted the dignitary for intercepting his plane, calling it a transparent act of aggression.

There was no sign of Vice-Premier Ding at the office, only three uniformed soldiers whose hands hovered near the sidearms on their hips.

“What is this?” Blinken reportedly blurted. “Where is Vice-Premier Ding Xuexiang? I am the Secreta —”

A bullet struck his face midsentence.

Source: realrawnews.com

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