A Mar-a-Lago source speaking under condition of anonymity has told Real Raw News that debilitating acoustic or microwave weapons have sickened guests and residents at Donald J. Trump’s 78-acre estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

The facility, which has served as Trump’s command center since the stolen 2020 election, sports 58 bedrooms often occupied by the dignitaries and military leaders who still support 45 and who have been working tirelessly beside him to invalidate the stolen presidency. Since January, Trump’s Navy SEAL guards have painstakingly vetted guests requesting access to the property. And as reported last March, Trump replaced his Secret Service detail with Navy Seals loyal to the “White Hat” movement after agents were caught trying to access his private network.

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In early January 2022, SEAL guards tasked with guarding Mar-a-Lago’s front gates reported symptoms of what is called “Havana Syndrome,” so named after U.S. personnel at the American embassy in Havana suffered from dizziness, headaches, loss of vision, acute tinnitus, vomiting, and other ailments despite receiving clean bills of health. Government health officials in 2016 evaluated 1,000 cases and, unable to link symptoms to specific illnesses, coined the phrases “anomalous health incidents” and “inexplicable, cascading biosystems failure.” In other words, they’re clueless.

White Hats, however, attach the symptoms to targets of acoustic or microwave weaponry.

Sonic and ultrasonic weapons are weapons of diverse types that use sound to injure or incapacitate an opponent. Some sonic weapons make a focused beam of sound or of ultrasound; others produce an area field of sound. Not everyone can hear ultrasonic sound because the range of human hearing is limited (20 Hz-20 kHz), and it also decreases with age. Exceptions exist, usually in children.

Microwave weaponry is far more sinister. In 2004, the Marines received a prototype of such a weapon. Codenamed Medusa, it was intended to be small enough to fit in a car, and cause a “temporarily incapacitating effect” but “with a low probability of fatality or permanent injury.” When amplified, however, prolonged exposure liquified internal organs and caused permanent brain damage to test mice.

“We believe we’re being targeted by either sonic or microwave weapons,’ our source said. “One SEAL’s tinnitus got so bad he was put on bedrest. He said he couldn’t think or focus or concentrate because the ringing in his ears was so bad. He was in perfect health and had no underlying conditions.

A second SEAL suffered identical symptoms, plus brain hemorrhaging. An artery in his head burst and caused localized bleeding in the surrounding tissue. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, and he survived the diabolical attack.

“We believe this is a Deep State attack,” our source said.

SEALs were not the only ones affected. On January 13, a military commander who had already been at Mar-a-Lago for 3 days suddenly collapsed to his knees complaining of stinging pain in his ears and muscle weakness.

Source: realrawnews.com

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