It wasn’t exactly what the Illinois Republicans had in mind, but Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger is over the moon about getting censured by county party affiliates over his vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Kinzinger, the most vocally anti-Trump Republican in Congress, is making the most of the publicity that the insurrectionist wing of his party is heaping upon him. In recent days he has embraced censure votes from the official GOP groups in Will and Madison counties in Illinois.

Rather than cower or try to minimize the criticism, Kinzinger is having a great time with it. Embracing the hashtag #CensureFrenzy, Kinzinger’s first Twitter response was to throw President Joe Biden’s victory totals back into the faces of his critics. Here’s his response to the most recent censure, from Will County:

“The problem with your #censurefrenzy and your 76 million-vote figure is that 82 million voted differently and we live in a country that respects that. Thanks for playing though!”



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