Joe Biden slipped further into dementia on a ZOOM meeting with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday. Thirty minutes into the conversation, as liberal firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocated vaccinating “especially small children” arriving in the U.S. from Mexico, Biden shut his eyes and zoned out. Upon opening them, he babbled incoherently and then stammered, “The children coming across aren’t the problem – it’s the killer bees. Four years ago, I asked Reagan to set up Traps. It would’ve cost a million dollars, only a million dollars, but he wouldn’t do it.”

An administration source familiar with the incident told RRN that White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield, also on the call, ended the livestream after Biden spent two more minutes rambling about the bee invasion and an ineffectual Ronald Reagan.

All ten people on the ZOOM call stared at their screens in stunned silence.

“Jaws dropped. People gaped at him, bewildered. I’m surprised Kim let him speak for as long as he did without shutting down the stream after a few seconds. It was Reagan this, Reagan that, bees this and bees that. His final comment on live was saying that he was going to get Reagan on the phone to talk about it again. Reagan died in 2004,” our source said.

Biden’s recollection of a bee conversation, however, is partly accurate. Killer bees, territorial and known for defending their domain by attacking trespassers in swarms, caused quite a buzz in the 1980s with the threat of an imminent United States invasion. In April 1982, entomologist Dr. Joseph Ghort authored a research paper claiming swarms of Africanized honeybees would travel from Central America to Texas to North Dakota, obliterating everything in their path, livestock, pets, and people. He proposed to destroy the colonies by placing traps along the Mexico-Guatemala border.



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