According to a report from the Guardian, a growing number of big-money Republican donors are handing over cash to GOP lawmakers who stepped up and voted to convict Donald Trump of sedition in his second impeachment trial in an effort to wean the party away from its connection to the disgraced former president.

With Politico reporting that Trump will be meeting this week with an assortment of suitors seeking his backing to primary GOP lawmakers, longtime donors are aiming to rid the party of the man who oversaw the loss of both chambers of Congress and the White House during his one term.

First on their list is backing up the contingent of anti-Trump incumbents who will be targetted by ex-president who is expected to launch a “revenge tour” beginning with a speech at next week’s CPAC.

One target, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). is already benefitting for leading the charge against Trump.

“Some four dozen Republican donors were on a fundraising conference call on 5 February with Liz Cheney, the congresswoman and only Republican House leader to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment for his role in the mob attack on the Capitol on 6 January,” the report states. “Many of the donors on the Cheney call are expected to donate the maximum amount of $5,800 to her 2022 re-election campaign before the end of the first quarter of this year, to ward off a primary challenge to her which Trump loyalists like congressman Matt Gaetz are encouraging.”



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