“The current Covid-19 vaccinations are no more effective at preventing Covid than Robitussin is a preventing a person from catching the common cold,” were the words spoken to Real Raw News by a former CDC research scientist who in October was fired for questioning agency protocol.

The source, who we’ll call Larry to protect his anonymity, had worked for the Deep State-funded agency for 12 years and was responsible for curating vaccine trial reports that Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson had sent the CDC for analysis and record keeping.

It was clear from the start, he said, that the CDC’s intent was to bury or misrepresent adverse reaction reports while pressuring Trump’s Covid-19 Task Force into believing that clinical trial results, which Big Pharma falsified, showed >95% efficacy at preventing a person from contracting the China virus. Big Pharma collectively injected the clot shot into the arms of 50,000 clinical trial participants; another 47,000 received placebos. Two percent—an alarming number–of the 50,000 developed severe adverse reactions to include myocarditis and pericarditis within 21 days of having received either their first or second jab.


Moreover, 85% of trial participants who got the medication and were intentionally exposed to Sars-Cov2 tested positive for Covid-19 within 4-14 days of having been exposed to the virus. In short, the vaccinations seemed to protect only 15% of recipients.

“The level of deception is shocking. But fact is, we can’t even trust the 15% figure, because with every disease, a segment of the population will have an inherent or natural immunity. We’ve seen this with Smallpox, Polio, and even Ebola. Some people have a biological resistance. It’s entirely possible that 5%, 10%, or even the 15% are immune to Sars-Cov2. It’s important to note that Big Pharma, the CDC, and the NIH pretty much operate as a single entity. They’re all in this together. So, when the CDC got the trial statistics, they had to muddy them. What sane person would risk taking a vaccine that causes sickness and maybe a 15% chance of protecting against an illness with less than a 1% mortality rate,” Larry said.


“The CDC knew early on, from the outbreak in Italy, that Covid-19 did not seriously sicken people who are generally healthy. It just didn’t happen. Some displayed symptoms of influenza or bronchitis, but it was brief and not life-threatening,” Larry added.


Prior to the genesis of Trump’s ill-conceived Operation Warp Speed, members of the CDC, NIH, FDA, and Big Pharma routinely held clandestine meetings to discuss ways of deceiving a potentially wary public to accept a fictitious narrative—get vaccinated or die—devised before vaccine trials had been completed.

Source: realrawnews.com

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