Within minutes of discovering that mass shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale was a biological female who identified as a man, Democrats on Capitol Hill were making a flurry of phone calls to one another discussing how to reconcile the words “transgender” and “mass shooter” and how to stop Hale’s sexuality from becoming a matter of public record, a U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) source told Real Raw News.

Armed with rifles and a sidearm, 28-year-old Hale burst into a Christian elementary school in Nashville and killed three children and three adults before being neutralized by law enforcement, whose swift response prevented Hale from unleashing more carnage.


At first, law enforcement released scant details, saying the shooter was a 28-year-old female former student of The Covenant School. It took officials nearly six hours to reveal that Hale was transgender and had written a manifesto before charging into the school with guns blazing. Cops knew almost immediately that Hale was a woman-turned-man; they examined Hale’s corpse and, 30 minutes later, recovered Hale’s writings from his car, parked nearby.

By 11:15 a.m., an FBI task force had arrived at the Covenant School and told local law enforcement that it would disseminate all information about the shooting and the shooter.

Ten minutes later, FBI Director Christopher Wray and a frantic Kabula Harris were on the phone, and ARCYBER was listening.

ARCYBER has for years routinely intercepted Deep State calls and digital data in hopes of sniffing out the whereabouts of Deep Staters for whom White Hats have sealed indictments. Those calls are often encrypted and must be deciphered, but the Deep State occasionally communicates over unencrypted lines, as was the case Monday morning.

When Wray told Harris a transgender male had hosed down six at a Christian school, she blew a gasket, insisting that law enforcement had misgendered the shooter because “trans people are peaceful, loving citizens who don’t do things like that.” Wray insisted the FBI didn’t make mistakes and had a manifesto in which Hale demonized Christianity.

“Well, I understand, but our transgender people don’t shoot people. Only cisgender men are mass shooters,” Harris reportedly said. “Cisgender racists kill trans people, not the other way around.”

Harris told Wray to keep Hale’s gender a secret until she “spoke to some people.” Those people, it turns out, were among Congress’ most liberal members — Alexandria Cortez and her “Squad;” Zooey Zephyr, a transgender Montana State Representative; Vermont Senator Peter Welch; and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, among others. They agreed that Hale’s transgenderism and hatred of Christianity must remain secret. Harris even suggested that disclosing Hale’s status as a transgender person would violate HIPPA.

Gillibrand said, “If we have to say it’s a woman, let’s say it’s a binary woman. We can’t let the public think trans or non-binary people carry assault rifles and use them to shoot up schools. It will undermine everything we’re working towards.”


Harris was back on the phone with Wray 40 minutes later, demanding he “contain” Hale’s personally identifiable information until further notice. But Wray replied that containment was no longer possible because over 70 Tennessee police officers and state Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, already knew the truth. He proposed an alternate solution: “We’ll release that Hale was a trans and later say she did what she did because, when she was a student at Covenant, she was persecuted for being born a female in a man’s body. We can say kids teased her and beat her up. We have options here to salvage the situation. We’ll keep the manifesto to ourselves as long as possible. We’ll even rewrite it if we have to.”

At 3:00 p.m. Monday, Nashville Police, at the behest of the FBI, released the shooter’s name and gender but suppressed a motive for the unthinkable slaughter. They admitted the attack was premeditated, for Hale had drawn maps of the school, entry and exit points.

Source: realrawnews.com

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