A few days ago, a story broke that Mike Pence and President Trump had “patched things up”. I called BS on that story, and I still do. Kyle Becker over at Trending Politics really loves that story and just wrote another one saying how Mike Pence is “has Trump’s back.”

With all due respect to Kyle Becker, who does good work and writes good articles….puhhhhhlease!

All these reports about Pence being back in President Trump’s good graces all keep coming from the Pence camp.

And there has been zero confirmation from President Trump.

It’s very noticeable.

So anyway, with that as background I recently asked what YOU think.

This Kyle Becker dude loves Pence.

I don’t trust Pence for one second.

But I wanted to see what you thought? Do you trust Mike Pence?

That was my question here:

Source: welovetrump.com


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