WASHINGTON – The second season of impeachment ended a day earlier, but Republicans were already talking about the next season. It looked inauspicious.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina quoted Fox News as saying, “I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t impeach if Republicans handle the House.”

Mr. Graham suggested that the Vice President may be punished because he expressed support for a bail fund for Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota last summer. “He actually drove out the rioters,” Mr. Graham alleged. This statement was false, but its danger was clear: Republicans may also seek impeachment.

In recent times, former President Donald J. Trump’s defenders have accused Democrats of opening a “Pandora’s Box” of partisan reprisal – a sort of anything that happens in politics, where impeachment becomes unstable between the two parties. A tennis match, on the basis of which the Congress controls. One of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Bruce L. “Partisan impeachment will become commonplace,” said Castor Jr. as he argued the former president’s case before the Senate on Tuesday.

There is an element of abundance here, which is given hyperpartisan enthusiasm that captures American politics. But in the ensuing atmosphere, Republicans are saying that even the most outrageous accusations against a president – such as Rep. Mardon Taylor, were teased on President Biden by Taylor Green, a Republican from Georgia in his first days in Congress – Should be treated as Democrats impeached Mr. Trump.

In a broader sense, officials of both parties have suggested that regular impeachment may become one of the many regular features of a new and bitter general in our politics. Earlier rare or unimaginable measures could just happen all the time

Democrats argue that, in fact, Republicans have opened several Pandora’s boxes in recent years. He has taken unprecedented action under the leadership of Mr. Trump, who has misused some norms to an extent that has destabilized a set of once-credible governmental traditions. For example, Senate Republicans’ blockade for President Barack Obama’s nomination of Judge Barack Obama to the Supreme Court in 2016, for example, casts doubt on any future president’s ability to fill a Supreme Court vacancy when the opposing side of the Senate. Controlled.

Refusing to win an election he apparently lost, and was repeatedly stolen from retaining it, shattered by Mr. Trump, an undisputed American custom that would have ensured a peaceful transfer of power between administrations Was.


Source: anandmarket.in; nytimes.com


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