By far the single most frequent question (or you could say complaint) I get by email or in the comments section of my articles and videos is “WHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP PUSHING THE VACCINE?”

Yes, in all caps.



And I get it.

I am very anti-vaxx and pro-Trump and it’s creating quite the problem.


But I said something recently that I want to reiterate….

President Trump is not dumb, and he is the master at using his audiences to “take their temperature” on certain topics.

He doesn’t always heed to the masses, but he always has his finger on the pulse of the nation.

So I find it impossible to believe he’s just so randomly out of touch on this one major issue. I highly doubt it.

What I said recently was my hunch is there is much more to this story that we don’t know about and one day (soon I think) it will start to come out.


As always, I believe President Trump is playing 4D chess and playing against multiple parties all at the same time.

While it’s easy for us to Monday-Morning Quarterback and say “vaccines bad!”, President Trump is juggling multiple things all at once and sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn or even a bishop or a rook to win the game of chess.


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