As Fox News host Brett Bair lobbed softball questions at FBI Director Christopher Wray in a Tuesday evening interview, tacitly applauding his imaginary accomplishments, agents under Wray’s instruction were waging a vindictive financial war on conservatives opposing the criminal Biden regime.

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military said the FBI — assisted by local law enforcement in Red states — has targeted Trump supporters using a practice called “civil asset forfeiture,” whereby unconstitutional laws allow law enforcement to seize property, money, or assets if police merely believe it is connected to criminal activity. Police do not have to file charges or even prove guilt in these cases before seizing and keeping property, and there is no limit to what police can take. Federal forfeiture law gives law enforcement a strong monetary interest in asset seizures. Under the Department of Justice’s equitable sharing program, state and local law enforcement that turn over seized property to the federal government can pocket up to 80 percent of the forfeiture proceeds. Additionally, federal law does not require collecting or reporting data on state, local, or federal seizures.


Cops call it a valuable tool to curb drug and gun trafficking. Constitutional lawyers, on the other hand, say civil asset forfeiture laws promote “legalized theft.”

“It’s discriminately policing for profit,” said Master Chief Bradley D. Earl of the U.S. Navy’s JAG Law Program. “A victim is presumed guilty and must prove his innocence to reclaim property and cash — drawn out litigation the average person can’t afford. And now we have substantive proof the feds have recruited law enforcement in conservative states to hunt supporters of President Trump.”

He added that JAG and the Office of Military Commissions learned of the uptick of civil asset forfeitures from FBI “5th Columnists,” a growing number of agents who have disavowed the regime and sworn to topple Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray’s criminal enterprise. Command Master Chief Earl referred Real Raw News to a “5th Columnist” who agreed to comment under the promise of anonymity.

He recounted two situations where the feds aided crooked cops in Blue-run Texas cities.

On February 5, 64-year-old Dilbert Cummings, a retiree who had just sold his successful plumbing business, was driving his Ford F-250 along State Highway 35 — a major thoroughfare — when an Austin Police Dept. patrol car stopped him for violating Texas’ license plate frame law, claiming his rear plate was “obstructed.” A splash of mud obscured a single number. The officers commented on bumper stickers and window decals — Trump 2024, I Stand With Trump, Drain the Swamp, Carry Like It’s 1776, God Bless America, We the People, You can Pry My Rifle from My Cold, Dead Hands, etc. — and asked Cummings if he planned to vote Trump in 2024.

Mr. Cummings asserted his Constitutional right to remain silent, saying he didn’t answer questions, though he did provide his license, registration, and proof of insurance. The cops then noticed an AR-style rifle hanging from the rear window of the truck–Texas has no laws regarding carrying long guns (rifles or shotguns) in motor vehicles. But the cops reportedly said, “If you like guns, you must love Donald Trump,” then asked if Mr. Cummings had any cash or drugs in the vehicle and requested permission to search it.

Mr. Cummings invoked his 4th Amendment right, which supposedly protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. His Constitutional knowledge irritated the police officers, who detained him while they summoned a K-9 unit to check the vehicle for narcotics. When the dog and handler arrived 20 minutes later, they were not alone. A tan sedan with a pair of FBI Special Agents parked behind the K-9 officer’s cruiser. They all spoke in hushed tones before the dog handler walked the Canine around Mr. Cumming’s truck. Naturally, the dog alerted, and as the feds stood in the background, the cops ransacked the truck, tossing Mr. Cummings’ belongings on the side of the road. They found a “WWG1WGA” sticker in his glove box and asked whether he was one of “those people.” The Austin police continued thrashing the vehicle and found seven 1 oz. gold bars in the center console. They showed the gold and the sticker to the feds, who nodded but said nothing.


The cops told Mr. Cummings that his truck, the rifle, and the gold would be seized until he proved in a court of law that he was not involved in the buying and selling of illicit drugs. His protestation fell on deaf ears; he said he had converted cash to gold because it was a “safe asset” and was bringing it to his daughter in Dallas, who needed the funds to close the sale on a new home.

He was left standing on the highway as a wrecker towed his vehicle. No narcotics were found.

“The FBI sees Trump as a great threat, and demoralizing his base is seen as an enormous success,” the FBI informant said. “Wray is behind it all, and he hates Trump so much he’ll go after anyone he can get that’s on Trump’s side. He’s obsessed with Trump. He’s a maniac.”


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