Accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell directed a room full of young girls to “kiss, dance and touch one another in a sexual way” for Jeffrey Epstein’s gratification, according to newly unsealed court documents. The alleged orgy-like performance by underage girls was detailed by an unidentified witness and alleged in 112 court documents that were released late Wednesday.

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Shocking new court documents also expose explicit details about the madam and convicted pedophile by Anthony Figueroa, the ex-boyfriend of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the longtime accuser of Epstein and Maxwell.

Giuffre, who has since settled a lawsuit against Maxwell, was allegedly forced into a threesome after “Jeffrey wanted Virginia to have sex with Ms. Maxwell,” the Daily Mail reported. The pair allegedly used sex toys during the romp, court documents say.

“Ms. Maxwell and Jeffrey would obviously be doing stuff, all three of them together,” Figueroa said, according to court documents. “Like I said, that they would all go out to clubs to pick up girls and try and find them to bring back for Jeffrey. And then she told me about how, like I said, her and Ms. Maxwell and Jeffrey were all intimate together on multiple occasions.”

When Figueroa was asked by authorities about the claim that Giuffre was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times at the behest the Maxwell and Epstein, he admitted that he could not “recall,” but added it “could be possible.” He said that he only remembers Giuffre mentioning being forced to have sex with “just Ms. Maxwell and all the other girls.”


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