K.T. McFarland complained on Fox News that the Trump impeachment trial (not Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election) is making American democracy look bad on the world stage – and it’s Joe Biden’s fault for not pardoning Trump.

McFarland, an inflammatory former Fox contributor turned deputy national-security adviser to Donald Trump and Michael Flynn (before resigning under pressure), was part of an all-Republican panel that host Martha MacCallum turned to as she interrupted the impeachment trial for “some analysis.”

I have to think that McFarland would not have been so vehemently anti-trial if she didn’t think the House impeachment managers’ case very, very damning to her former boss. In fact, McFarland immediately deflected when asked her opinion about the proceedings – in order to blame Biden.

MACCALLUM: What do you think, as you listen to the way they’re weaving this story together, and as we’ve said many times, we’ve only heard the prosecution’s side so far but there’s a lot of compelling and not very favorable-looking tweets from the president in this group.

MCFARLAND: I’d like to take it from a different perspective, Martha, and say what face are we showing to the world? This isn’t Donald Trump on trial, this is democracy on trial. And what we’re showing the world is we’re dysfunctional, that we have, the United States having enormous problems to face between the pandemic, the rise of China, the economy.

What are we doing? We have a political show trial. For one party, it’s prosecuting the other party. The current president is prosecuting the previous president.

So that’s what we’re showing the world, that we can’t govern ourselves.

FACT CHECK: Biden has nothing to do with the impeachment process that began in the House, before he took office, and concludes in the Senate. In fact, Biden wants nothing to do with it.

Furthermore, if McFarland really cared about how we model democracy, she should have expressed some concern about Trump’s months of inciteful refusals to accept the presidential election results and his false allegations of voter fraud – i.e. the very lies that led to the January 6 insurrection. Either she’s stupid enough to believe that a trial holding Trump accountable looks worse than his behavior or she’s a liar. There’s evidence that she is a liar, by the way.

MacCallum didn’t make a peep of challenge. So McFarland continued by concern-trolling about unity – which was little more than a pretext for attacking Biden:

MCFARLAND: And what are we showing ourselves? We’re showing ourselves that we’re even more divided than ever before.


Nobody’s going to change their mind on the basis of this trial, on the impeachment trial. People love Trump, people hate Trump, people love Biden, people hate Biden. But what does it do? Half the country doesn’t trust the other half and this just reinforces that.

If Joe Biden wanted to heal the country, Martha, he would say enough, already, I’m gonna pardon Donald Trump and let’s move on. Yet he’s not doing it. We’re just digging this hole deeper and deeper and deeper and the real victim of this and the real tragedy is American democracy.

MacCallum nodded in appreciative agreement.

Source: newshounds.us


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