Only hours after the bodies of 13 fallen American heroes were transferred to Dover Air Force Base in what the military calls a “dignified transfer,” the woman who often refers to herself as “President Harris” suggested to the State Department that America hold a candlelight vigil to memorialize “valiant” Taliban and ISIS “freedom fighters” who had sacrificed their lives defending their homeland and homogenized values.

Her statement shows the enormous disconnect between the illegitimate administration’s perception of reality and what’s really happening in the world.

Harris told Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, another Deep State stooge, that she was appalled at Donald Trump for his role in “assassinating” an indigenous population whose only crimes were safeguarding its borders against foreign intrusion. She blamed Trump for the loss of American life in Afghanistan.

“If we left them alone, they’d have left us alone. Trump has done this to us,” Harris said, according to a source privy to the conversation.

Then Harris made a comment so out of touch with reality it bordered on the surreal.

“So what? Thirteen people who shouldn’t have been in Afghanistan in the first place got killed. We lost 13 people in 20 years, they’ve lost tens of thousands defending their principles,” Harris reportedly said.

She seemed truly clueless, bereft of rational thought or knowledge of the fact that over 2,400 American soldiers have perished in Afghanistan since 2001.

“We ought to hold a candlelight vigil to commemorate the sacrifice made by Taliban and ISIS freedom fighters. We could hold it at the National Mall, and I’m sure a million people or more would come to light candles in unity of their plight,” Harris told Blinken. “It would be the most significant commemorative service since the death of Martin Luther King in 1982,” Harris went on.


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