White Hat forces in Maui have eradicated or repelled all but a handful of the felonious FEMA agents who began terrorizing the tropical paradise in the aftermath of the inexplicable blaze that razed Lahaina and surrounding towns in early August, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Since mid-August, United States Marines have fought with FEMA patrols in Lahaina, Kaanapali, Wailuku, Maalaea, and Pukalani, and the skirmishes resulted in the deaths of approximately 475 federal goons and, alas, 34 valiant Marines. The Marines died upholding the Constitution of the United States; the feds died trying to defend the criminal Biden regime.

On September 17, a 1st Marine Division expeditionary force penetrated “the Biden Curtain” and engaged what our source called a “massive FEMA confab,” reportedly 125 agents and several supervisors discussing Maui’s future as the preeminent smart city of the 21st Century. The Marines surprised FEMA and, as no innocent civilians were present, opened fire into the formation, killing and wounding dozens before FEMA, running in circles, commenced a disorganized retreat, fleeing to the east on foot and in vehicles. The Marines pursued FEMA beyond “the Biden curtain” and past the Lahainaluna Mission Cemetery—where FEMA has allegedly buried victims’ bodies. They made a brief and fatal stand at the West Maui Natural Area reserve entrance. FEMA killed four Marines before its agents were dropped en masse, having been cut off from the rear by a Marine element that had, based on past battles in the area, predicted FEMA’s escape route.


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“The Marines died valorously,” our source said. “We ain’t taking FEMA prisoners from the rank and file, only the key players. General Smith made it clear it’s weapons-free. Those bastards know damn well they’re following unlawful orders, and they’ll pay the price.”

On September 23, two Marines were killed and two others grievously burned when they breached a booby-trapped office building in Waikapu. White Hats had received intelligence saying the structure was a makeshift prison housing imprisoned children. Upon entering, the sprinkler system activated, dousing the Marines not with water but with kerosene. An unidentified ignition source set the room, and the Marines, ablaze.

“FEMA fights dishonorably, but we screwed the pooch on that one. It’s a habit to double and triple-check intel. This was a major screw-up,” our source said.

The Marines avenged their fallen brethren on September 27 when they intercepted a FEMA caravan fleeing Lahaina for Kahului Airport. An after-action assessment states Marines destroyed 14 federal vehicles and killed 56 FEMA personnel without losing a single Marine in the engagement.


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“Our guys have spent the last few days chasing what’s left of FEMA. We haven’t got them all, but what’s left is cowering somewhere, waiting for reinforcements or help,” our source said.

That help, he added, would be the criminal Biden regime’s illegal Joint Task Force 5-0, a hodgepodge of Army and Air National Guardsmen devoted to the Deep State, which still threatens White Hat operations in the area.

Source: realrawnews.com

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