Donald Trump may be out of the White House, but he’s not done with the Republican Party.

In a press release Thursday, Trump’s Save America political action committee said the former president has agreed to help House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and the Republican Party reclaim control of the House in 2022. The two men discussed the matter at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida in what the PAC described as a “very good and cordial” meeting.

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“President Trump’s popularity has never been stronger than it is today, and his endorsement means more than perhaps any endorsement at any time,” the release said.

The PAC touted the GOP’s success in the 2020 election cycle, where the party closed the gap in the Democrat-controlled House, as a positive sign heading into the 2022 election cycle.

“They worked very well together in the last election and picked up at least 15 seats when most predicted it would be the opposite. They will do so again, and the work has already started,” the statement said.

As he left the White House on January 20, Trump vowed he’d be back “in some form.” He earlier said in his farewell address that “the movement we started is only just beginning.”

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