The White Hat partition of the United States military thwarted the Deep State’s attempt to cripple the U.S. power grid and cause mass chaos over Memorial Day Weekend, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Ahead of the holiday, the general’s office received “credible intelligence” that the Deep State was planning a multi-pronged attack against two of the country’s synchronous grids, the Eastern and the Western Interconnections, which collectively power tens of millions of homes. The Eastern Interconnection reaches from central Canada to the Atlantic Coast, south to Florida, and back to the foot of the Rockies. The Western Interconnection stretches from western Canada, south to Baja, California, reaching eastward over the Rockies to the great plains. Texas, which has independent transmission lines disconnected from the national grid, was not included in the attack plan.

According to our source, a CIA whistleblower on May 19 arrived at Camp Pendleton with a dire warning, saying the criminal Biden regime had put in motion an intricate mission to hack the grid and throw the country into turmoil. He reportedly had digital documents, approved by CIA Director William Burns, outlining the Deep State’s methods and motives for wanting to plunge the U.S. into darkness.

At 9:00 p.m. EST, May 26, the Deep State would activate the virus, the whistleblower said.

By May 10, the CIA had hired “foreign actors” to man “remote intrusion centers” in Colorado and Georgia with the hardware necessary to deliver virus into the mainframes of American Electric Power and other major electric companies. The documents said the persons hired to man the intrusion centers were among the world’s most skilled cybersecurity experts.

The virus would systematically collapse the grid from coast to coast, and power companies’ engineers, whose job is to monitor the reliability of energy transmission, would be powerless to mitigate or immediately purge the virus. The CIA’s documents projected 48 hours of darkness, after which the virus would “self-extinguish,” and transmission providers would resolve the issue and gradually restore service.

By then, the CIA calculated the country would be a tempestuous wreck.

Had darkness stricken the land, FEMA insurrectionists, looters, and, yes, rapists would have run amok across the country, inciting civil disobedience and mayhem. They were to pillage homes and businesses and shoot any resistance wantonly. Meanwhile, Feds embedded in national militia groups would instigate members to take up arms, telling their troops the Deep State was taking over.

From a replica of the Oval Office, Biden would blame the crisis on Chinese saboteurs and promise Americans that his administration was doing everything possible to restore power and order.

As the nation descended into madness, Biden would tell the world that MAGA adherents were slaughtering Democrat lawmakers — torch and pitchfork style — from California to New York. He would unleash the Department of Justice on patriots stirred to action by government informants masquerading as patriots.

Worse, the CIA assessment seemed more interested in provoking patriots and “testing Americans’ resolve” than addressing the catastrophic collateral damage and loss of life associated with their “exercise.” Aircraft departures nationwide would halt, and planes in flight would race to land or divert before airport backup generators failed and runways went dark. The chances of a significant incident were high. On the ground, railway switches could fail, intensifying the odds of collisions and derailments. The number of potential cataclysms is endless.

After two days of darkness, the regime would magically restore power and applaud itself for quickly resolving the unpreventable outage. Biden would recant the story of Chinese saboteurs and apologize to Xi Jinping for making unforgivable errors. Instead, he would blame Vladimir Putin for the blackout and call for increased funding for Ukraine.

The scenario mentioned above might have played out had White Hats not interceded.

Our source said Gen. Smith allowed the spook on base because he had in the past supplied credible tips. FBI and CIA “5th Columnists” have proven instrumental in aiding the White Hats’ war against the Deep State.

The whistleblower, however, didn’t know where in Colorado and Georgia the Deep State had set up intrusion centers. He told Gen. Smith he’d endeavor to learn the locations, and the general mustered an untold number of White Hats to action, ordering them to call in every favor owed in hopes of gleaning the whereabouts of the Deep State’s cyber infiltration facilities.

They had less than a week to solve the dilemma.

Gen. Smith appraised President Trump of the situation and asked whether it was time to trigger the EBS, which White hats seized in March 2022 during an assault on FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold. Trump told the general to hold off on the EBS while he, too, ruminated over the looming crisis and called in “huge favors people owe me.” Triggering the EBS too early, Trump said, might spark patriots into taking up arms, an act that would give the Deep State practical reason to retaliate against patriotic Americans truly.

Over the next two days, U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Delta Force hit dead ends in Augusta, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Acting on tips, they had breached two warehouses but found them empty, devoid of computers and internet connections.

Our source said White Hats stormed several more empty structures and were losing hope when President Trump phoned Gen. Smith with tips that had verisimilitude. President Trump would not reveal the identity of his source and said the Deep State’s bunkers were near Pueblo, Colorado and Athens, Georgia. He even had GPS coordinates.

Special Forces went at once to Colorado, while Delta left for Georgia.

In Pueblo, Special Forces surveyed an automotive repair shop with a “closed until further notice” sign hanging above the office door. The two bay doors were closed, and the parking area was empty. From a distance they glassed the building and through a window saw computers atop two desks, but no people and no tools endemic to a vehicle repair shop.

As Special Forces monitored the Pueblo shop, Delta Force in Athens had eyes on what should have been a laundromat. But the interior had several computer terminals instead of washers and dryers and tables for folding clothes.

“There was no question we found the right places,” our source said. “Then came the decision to either shut them down on the spot or wait until the 23rd to see who showed up. “Gen. Smith chose to wait; he wanted to catch and identify the criminals–or kill them. He knew we’d be playing it close.”


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