Chaplain Drew d’Auguste, a Christian in the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps, was not speaking figuratively when he told Real Raw News the “White Hat” partition of the U.S. Armed Forces is waging war against Satanic forces that have enveloped the syncretistic society in which we live today.

Chaplain d’Auguste was present at Gavin Newsom’s execution, and said he saw “evil” in Newsom’s eyes even before the disgraced California governor began hurling Latin curses at the soldiers tasked with effecting Newsom’s hanging.

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“He looked at me; my blood ran cold,” Chaplain d’Auguste said. “His gaze froze my soul.”

Newsom’s piercing stare, Chaplain d’Auguste added, had momentarily weakened his spiritual resolve.

“I heard a voice, malevolent and wicked—it spoke to my mind. It told me ‘There is no God; there is only us.’ My heart was pounding away in my ears and my arms and legs were frozen with fear, but somehow, in my mind, I was running away, until I called upon the authority of Christ to still my heart, and Him fill it with courage,” Chaplain d’Auguste said.

With replenished strength Chaplain d’Auguste met Newsom’s penetrating gaze; then the door under Newsom’s feet pivoted open, and life drained from his corporeal self.

Chaplain d’Auguste had bore witness to other executions. He was present at the hangings of Marc Mezvinsky and William Barr, but at those he did not feel the same prevalence of evil that he felt in the presence of Gavin Newsom.

“What I felt was more than a man. No, let me correct myself: Gavin Newsom was less than a man. I felt the unmistakable presence of an inhabiting spirit within him. The tenets of my faith say the possessed are not regarded as evil themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions, because it is the demon inside that commands them. I might face censure for saying this, but from what I know of Newsom the man, his actions were an afront to the very fiber of morality. He was weak and malleable, which left him open to possession. The demonic entity that dwelt within him amplified his moral dearth,” Chaplain d’Auguste said.

“Were it up to me, I’d cast out the demon and try to save the man,” he added, “but I have no authority over such matters.”


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