Almost immediately on Jan 6 as soon as violence broke out at the Capitol, social media put out a picture of three white males all wearing the same T-shirt that said – MAGA – CIVIL WAR – January 6 ,2021. These individuals are now suspected of being Deep State plants.

A picture of reportedly pro-Trump MAGA patriots on Jan 6 was shared wildly by the far-left.


This picture showed three men in the same T-shirt with the same logo “MAGA – CIVIL WAR – January 6 ,2021″.

Far-left VOX was sure to share the photo to build upon the narrative that Trump supporters, were violent and ready to take down the Capitol that day. Despite President Trump having 1.1 million people at his rallies to Joe Biden’s less than 2,000 supporters at his “rallies”, and there being no reported violence at Trump rallies, the left was quick to call all the acts of violence that day committed by Trump supporters.

A local ABC affiliate was certain to share this photo as well shortly after Jan 6.


On Jan 6, Attorney Mark Zaid identified the photo and shared it within hours of it being tweeted on Twitter. Zaid retweeted the pic after former President Trump employee,


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