Ted Cruz really doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Is he one of only two Senators from Texas? Yes.

Is his home state really getting hit by record-low temperatures and several days’ worth of snowstorms, while being so ill-equipped to handle such weather that millions of residents are without power and/or water? Yes.

Did Cruz truly jet off on Wednesday night for a vacation to Cancun, despite the conditions in the state he represents outlined above? Also, yes.

But what did you expect the least-popular politician in D.C. to do?!?

His children asked really nicely go away for a bit!

As you can see via the photo above, taken by a heroic fellow traveler, Cruz was spotted on Wednesday evening at the airport in Dallas.

He was then also photographed a short time later on board a United Airlines flight booked for Cancun, much to the absolute consternation of even those who expect very little from their elected officials.

There are endless power outages in his state and a death toll that rises by the day — and not only did Cruz fly off to another country amid this ongoing disaster… he enlisted the help of Houston police officers to ensure his safety.

Indeed, a Houston police spokeswoman has told People Magazine that Cruz’s staff “called yesterday [Wednesday] to say that he would be in the airport and requested HPD’s assistance, at which time, when he arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport, our officers monitored his movements.”

We can think of no better use of this department’s time and resources.

With the backlash both immediate, powerful and coming from every side — even Fox News posted the photos of Cruz at the airport — Cruz released a statement on Thursday.

It manages to somehow be sexist, hilarious and clearly untrue all at the same time.

Source: thehollywoodgossip.com


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