As former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is set to begin, Sen. Ted Cruz suggested other past presidents could be in line for their own impeachments.

Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday the impeachment trials against Trump are an “exercise in political rage” from Democrats.

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Trump was impeached in 2019 on accusations of leveraging U.S. aid to pressure Ukrainian officials to investigate President Joe Biden, before being acquitted in February 2020. He was impeached again earlier this month for his role in the deadly Capitol riot.

“I feel like I am stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’ where every January we are going to be doing another impeachment,” Cruz told Hannity. “So I guess next year, I don’t know, maybe it will be the impeachment of Jimmy Carter, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, or the impeachment of Barack Obama because that’s what we do in Januaries.”

Clinton was impeached in 1998 for lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice. He was the second president to be impeached, following Andrew Johnson. Both were acquitted.

Cruz said it is time for the Senate to “move on” and focus on job growth and the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is driven by the partisan rage and partisan anger the Democrats feel,” Cruz said. “They hate Donald J. Trump and they are engaging in an act that I think is petty, is retribution. I think it is indicative, I think it is a waste of time.”

A conviction against Trump is unlikely, The Associated Press reported. Only five Republicans in the Senate voted in favor of dismissing the impeachment trial Tuesday.

Rep. Marjorie Greene filed articles of impeachment against Biden a day after he was sworn in last week. The Republican from Georgia, who assumed office earlier this month, claimed Biden “is unfit to hold the office of the presidency.”

There is no indication the impeachment inquiry has any momentum in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.


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