The ample number of unrepentant Deep Staters who refused plea deals when faced with potential death sentences might lead one to believe that no Deep Stater has ever ratted out a co-conspirator. That view is untrue, said a JAG source currently stationed at Camp Blaz, Guam.

Although most chose death over deals, several Deep Staters, once charged with treason, supplied JAG with valuable intelligence that furthered ongoing investigations or led to another arrest in exchange for partial leniency. Our source said JAG’s general policy is to not comment on active investigations or which “assets” are presently talking; however, in response to a Real Raw News inquiry (prompted by website commenters), he agreed to share limited information on a few detainees yet to face military tribunals, adding he will seek approval to comment on others.


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“With only one exception, no regime official got blanket immunity, even tribunal witnesses. They’re not whistleblowers; they’re criminal informants. They didn’t come to us; we had to get them, “he said.

Shannon Corless

The exception is Shannon Corless, who indirectly worked under Janet Yellen at the Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis from January to October 2022. That month, a paranoid Corless, accompanied by her lawyer, voluntarily surrendered to JAG investigators in Pensacola, Florida, saying she had grown tired of “Trump’s people” surveilling her home and making her a nervous wreck. JAG officials at the time said Corless wasn’t on their radar and that they had no idea who was prowling around her backyard. Nonetheless, Corless confessed to financial crimes wherein she had redistributed embezzled Treasury dollars to Antifa and Black Lives Matter to buy votes for Joseph Biden. She had told investigators she could finger others within the treasury department who had engaged in similar criminality.

“JAG reviewed and vetted digital and hardcopy data Corless had in her possession. It opened up a lot of leads and two arrests we haven’t spoken about, and I can’t at this time. But it’s not Yellen, not yet. Ms. Corless’ info implicates Yellen, and when we catch that dwarf, we’ll put her on trial, and Ms. Corless will testify against her,” our source said.

JAG, he added, unprecedentedly filed no charges against Corless and offered her an opportunity to walk.

“She wanted protective custody. She said she wouldn’t live two days if put back on the street. We set that up for her,” our source said.

Isabella Guzman

In June 2023, JAG investigators apprehended Small Business Administration Administrator Isabella Guzman for having threatened small business owners with fines or foreclosure unless they adopted draconian Covid-19 adherence protocols during the plandemic, the cost of which resulted in several businesses filing for bankruptcy. Guzman, our source said, had been scheduled to face a military tribunal in June but haggled a last-minute extension by suddenly name-dropping a dozen midgrade administration officials who were friends of business owners in direct competition with those who had filed for bankruptcy.

“The CDC’s ‘guidance’ was applied with great bias. Say, for example, there were two competing pizzerias on two adjoining streets. If the owner of one was a relative or friend of some administration official, they got a pass. They never got visits from state and county health, and never had law enforcement harassment. On the flip side, the other guy, the not friend or relative of a Deep Stater, got harassed non-stop, fined to death and forced to make unaffordable ‘improvements’ to stay open. In some cases, local law enforcement stood outside their doors and told potential customers the restaurants were under investigation for Covid-19 and state health violations,” our source said.

He added that JAG has verified the truthfulness of Guzman’s allegations. However, she will eventually stand before a tribunal — but with the death penalty off the table.


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“Before the Plandemic, we had about a quarter million indictments; the Plandemic added another 30,000, and counting, to the pile. Yes, many are small fish in a big pond, but they still must be held accountable, as will Guzman,” our source said.

Michael Malanoski

In January, United States Marines arrested Dr. Michael Malanoski, Deputy Director of Defense Health Agency, after JAG learned he had threatened service members with dishonorable discharges unless they took the potentially lethal Novavax Covid-19 vaccine, which White hats have linked to a marked increase in spontaneous abortions, heart attacks, seizures, abdominal inflammation, and Parkinson’s disease. According to sources, Malinowski gave Lloyd Austin a convenient way to obscure vaccine deaths among service members: blame it on suicide.

The administration attributed 1,046 active-duty deaths to suicide in 2021 and 2022. White Hats claim the clot shot was responsible for 95% of those fatalities, though our source provided no evidence to support the claim.


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