When Pfizer employees come forward to warn humanity, it’s prudent we all listen.

One Pfizer whistleblower came forward recently to expose the company hiding the fact that they use aborted fetal cells in COVID-19 jabs.

Of course, Pfizer doesn’t want the public to know that ingredient.

Religious exemptions would be through the roof!

Another Pfizer alumnus has taken to warning others about the perils of the plandemic.

Throughout COVID-19, a former VP of Pfizer has revealed the truth of the vaccinations and COVID-19.

Dr. Mike Yeadon is a British scientist actively working to alert the public of the scandemic.

Initially, he warned the public about propaganda.

An Exclusive Offer for You:

Now, He claims, “we are at the gates of hell.”

Dr. Yeadon also came forward with a Timetable to Tyranny, including ‘Phases’ of the pandemic.

According to his timetable, we are approaching Phase 5 out of 6.

Source: welovetrump.com

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