Since Donald Trump’s departure from Washington DC for parts south last Wednesday, we haven’t heard much about what the now ex-President is doing to pass the time at Mar-a-lago. Dabbing away the rapidly flowing tears before they dissolve his bronzer? Endlessly re-watching footage of his old rallies while muttering, “Lock her up” under his breath? Obsessively checking and re-checking Twitter to see if his account’s been re-activated? Who knows? But one thing many Americans now feel Trump SHOULD be doing is facing charges for the slew of crimes he allegedly committed while in office.

In this clip Cenk, Aida and Dr. Rashad Richey discuss the prospect of Trump’s prosecution, and whether they feel there’s any merit to the idea that the nation needs to “turn the page” and, in the interests of “unity,” let bygones be bygones when it comes to Trump’s criminality. Not surprisingly, they’re not buying this argument. Aida, for one, compares the treatment of Khalif Browder, who spent two years in solitary confinement on Rikers Island without a trial for allegedly stealing a backpack, to the privilege enjoyed by Trump and his criminal family, and insists that justice needs to be served. Rashad, meanwhile, says that if Joe Biden moves to pardon Trump, VP Kamala Harris needs to invoke the 25th amendment and initiate the process to remove Biden from office – it’s THAT important that Trump face consequences for his actions.

For his part Cenk says that Trump must be prosecuted, in particular for his efforts to undermine democracy because the next would-be dictator to come along won’t be as incompetent, and there needs to be a precedent for punishing chief executives who flirt with insurrection and associated crimes.


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