Maine’s criminal Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, removing President Donald J. Trump from the state’s 2024 primary ballot has gripped his supporters with palpable fear, but a Mar-a-Lago source in daily contact with the president told Real Raw News that Trump is “in charge” and had expected the latest treachery.


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For the second time in two weeks, X, formerly Twitter, turned into a proverbial gunfight, with conservatives and liberals duking it out over Bellows’ unconstitutional decision. Liberals have long labeled Trump an insurrectionist, while the president’s most ardent supporters have backed his efforts to depose the regime and restore order to a once great Republic.

Nonetheless, Bellows’ bellowing about Trump surprised and rattled Republican social media voices.

“We’re doomed! What are we going to do now? Trump is screwed,” wrote one fearful X user.

“Trump is royally fucked. He’s getting banned from the election,” said another.

“It’s over for Trump. They’re doing it to us again! What will we do now?” asked a third.

Our source says the panic is unwarranted, but he understands why it’s happening.

“We get it. Allies of President Trump see him complaining, rightfully, on Truth Social and echo that sentiment across other social media channels—it’s pretty natural, right? But what many people don’t get, and probably should get by now, is that President Trump says much of what he says for optical effect. It’s a script. Call it theatrical subterfuge. On one hand, he’s ranting on Truth because he knows that’s what the enemy wants to see, but on the other hand, he’s sitting behind his desk smiling as he exposes one traitor after another,” the source said.

Our source added that the lawful president does not telegraph his moves.


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He says President Trump predicts five to eight more Blue states will strike his name off the ballot before the U.S. Supreme Court intercedes on his behalf.

“The president’s war room monitors a lot of Deep State activity, and Trump has people everywhere. The Deep State has its spies, and Trump has his. Not much escapes the president’s vigilant gaze. President Trump fully expects the Supreme Court to overturn the moves to cancel him, as the military arrests the traitors,” our source said.

Trump’s most significant concern, he added, is for the patriotic civilians who are pointlessly exposing themselves to federal attention by fomenting threats against Deep State judges on social media.

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