Former President Donald Trump spent part of his Presidents’ Day showing appreciation for his supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, by making a guest appearance at their rally.

Trump’s exit from Washington, D.C., has done little to temper the excitement of his base, indicating his influence will extend past his tenure as president. Days after the Senate acquitted Trump for a historic second time, his supporters organized a rally in West Palm Beach on Presidents Day to show support for “America’s greatest president.”

The former president’s motorcade drove by the rally on Monday afternoon, Margo Martin, lead press secretary for the office of the 45th president, confirmed to Newsweek. The former president gave his supporters a wave from behind the window of his SUV.

One supporter named Tara told WPEC she “100 percent” rejected the idea that Trump’s political career was over, saying “it’s only been getting started.” At the “very core” of rally attendees’ beliefs is “freedom” and “that’s what President Trump stands for.”

About 600 people showed up to the West Palm Beach rally, according to WEAR, and a live stream of the event on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s YouTube channel had 502,000 views. Trump remains popular among his base and about 60 percent of Republicans would be open to the idea of joining a Trump-founded third party. As the president drove by the rally, attendees chanted “USA” and a person could be heard yelling, “that’s my president.”

But not everyone in the Sunshine State has been as supportive of the former president’s return and some residents sought to block him from living at Mar-a-Lago. A banner that flew over Mar-a-Lago targeting the former president said “Convict Trump and Lock Him Up.”

After leaving the White House for the last time as president, Trump told his supporters the movement was just getting started and “we will be back in some form.” His comments sparked speculation that he’d mount a run for president again in 2024 and with his acquittal in the Senate, it’s still a possibility.

Along with setting a precedent to hold officials accountable, Democrats sought to convict Trump in a Senate trial to try to keep him from holding office in the future. Despite seven Republicans voting to convict Trump for inciting the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, the vote fell short of the 67 senators needed for a conviction.

The impact of the impeachment trial on Trump’s political future remains to be seen but his former campaign adviser, Brad Parscale, predicted it would reinvigorate the former president’s base. He called his second impeachment a “badge of honor” and said if Trump asked for his advice about a future campaign, he’d advise him to run on impeachment because it makes him a “martyr.”



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