On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump reposted an image of himself wearing a lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming,” a message, Mar-a-Lago sources told Real Raw News, informing Trump’s constituents that White Hats have been selectively targeting and eliminating Deep State assets as part of his pledge to “drain the swamp”—with many more mass arrests to come.

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Trump, sources said, is more determined now than ever to wage “full-scale” war against a criminal regime that has eroded the rights and freedoms Americans hold dear and prejudicially targeted persons who vehemently criticize the cabal’s agenda. Trump’s wearing the pin, he added, sent a subliminal message to the White Hat partition of the U.S. military—You now have carte blanche, if you will, to pursue mass arrests instead of singling out specific individuals that betrayed their oath of office or engaged in criminal malfeasance in contravention of the Constitution of the United States.

Trump’s message marks a reversal in posture. Earlier this year, he had asked White Hat commanders to abstain from mass arrests until after the midterm elections. Now, with proof the Deep State has a plan in place to steal the midterms, Trump is asking the military, empowered by his invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 prior to January 20, 2021, to take whatever steps are needed to capture and incarcerate “several THOUSAND primary targets” whose names appear on sealed indictments that Trump had helped author.

These persons, our source said, include myriad politicians, celebrities, and pedophiles, many of whom have committed mass murder or unspeakable crimes against our nation’s most vulnerable demographic—children. The military is said to have “troves of data” implicating these heinous individuals in unimaginable crimes.

“This is it. The time is now,” our source said. “Although Trump’s signing the Insurrection Act ceded authority to the military, he’s now hoping they will act with the full force of the law to bring wrongdoers to justice, returning the power of this nation to the people, not a corrupt puppet government.”

Source: realrawnews.com

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