Nothing exposed Republican duplicity over Donald Trump’s role in the January 6 violence like the unanimous support for awarding a congressional Medal of Honor to heroic Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman. At the end of a long day of impeachment trial lies, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell joined top Democrat Chuck Schumer in hailing Goodman’s bravery defending their colleagues on that bloody day, when both men had reason to fear for their lives.

The fact is, Goodman alone did more to save lives that day than the man who was president of the United States. That went unsaid as the Senate chamber gave Goodman a standing ovation, and voted unanimously to award him the medal.

McConnell still seems to be more afraid of Trump’s enduring role in the GOP than of the rampaging insurrectionists who are now a month-old memory. It’s hard to imagine House impeachment managers winning 67 votes—as in 17 Republicans—to convict the ex-president. That’s not because his lawyers did a good job with his defense on Friday. They continued to earn every penny he’s probably not paying them. Given 16 hours, they took three. That was probably their only good decision.

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Bruce Castor and David Schoen humiliated themselves on Tuesday. On Friday, they were upstaged by cocounsel Michael van der Veen, a Philadelphia lawyer who once sued Trump and called him a “fucking crook.” (These things happen.) In Trump’s defense, the threesome made specious use of the First Amendment, ran and reran ridiculous videos of Democrats saying “fight”—238 times, according to MSNBC, in just the first two hours—and reiterated lies, big and small.

The overall effect was to underscore that, in fact, no actual violence ever followed those 238 Democratic exhortations to fight. Also: Boy, are these Trump lawyers terrible.

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