Whenever I post about the evil and the dangers of the Freemasons, about 98% of you agree and are awake to the evil cult.

A very vocal 2% get furious and threaten to “never, ever, ever read WeLoveTrump ever again.”

My answer?

I’m not going to stop talking about them and you’re free to go.

Actually, I get it….

Many of you had a friend or father or brother in the Masons, or a mother or sister in one of the women-only groups like the Eastern Star or the Job’s Daughters, and they were probably very low-level and to them it was just a group they were in so they could belong to something.

They probably did some good community service work….

They were probably active in the community….

I get it.

Those people had no idea.

And that’s EXACTLY how the Masons plan it.

But I’m here to wake up the masses to the absolute evil of these organizations.

They claim to support a “higher power”….

The only problem is once you get to the 32nd and 33rd degrees, you find out that “higher power” is not YAHWEH at all, it’s actually Lucifer.

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As I said, VERY evil.

And whenever I find something new that is helpful to expose these organizations, I am happy to post it here and broadcast it as loudly as I can!

And I’ve got a GREAT one for you today….

Today I have a video with TWO ex-Masons who were both very high up who are, quite frankly, risking their lives by going on camera and exposing all the secrets.

So don’t take this lightly.

Here you go, both men are in this video from Rumble.

It’s long but well worth your time.

So watch safely here on Rumble:

Source: welovetrump.com

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