Envoy Air flight 3556, an Embracer E175 operated on behalf of American Eagle, experienced an inflight emergency seconds after departing Chicago-O’Hare International Airport for Columbus, Ohio. The pilot-in-command, Patrick Ford, was speaking coherently and clearly to ATC when his voice abruptly ceased. A few minutes later, co-pilot Brandon Hendrickson informed ATC he had control of the aircraft and that Ford had fallen unconscious at the controls, and announced his intent to return to the airport immediately. The flight landed safely, but Ford was dead; Hendrickson and an off-duty American Airlines pilot pulled Ford from his harness as paramedics boarded the flight and desperately fought to save his life. It was later determined Ford suffered a fatal heart attack.


The above paragraph summarizes the official version of the incident.

However, a Real Raw News investigation on Ford’s untimely demise, aided by an FAA whistleblower, unsurprisingly revealed that Ford, who was 54 years old and in good health prior to his sudden death, had taken a Covid-19 booster shot two days before his final flight, a fact not mentioned on his death certificate or in his obituary.

Publicly available audio of the emergency is limited to communications between flight 3356 and ATC; absent is any discussion the pilot and the co-pilot might have had when Ford realized he was in trouble. During takeoff and landing, flight crews typically maintain a sterile cockpit, meaning banter is forbidden so pilots can focus exclusively on their workload. Most aircraft accidents happen during takeoff and landing.

In the case of flight 3556, though, Ford had told Hendrickson he was feeling “lightheaded and dizzy” shortly after Hendrickson raised the landing gear, according to an FAA insider who claims that Envoy/American Eagle and the FAA reviewed the cockpit voice recorder, which preserves the recent history of the sounds in the cockpit, including the conversation of the pilots.

“The sequence of events went quickly. Captain Ford informed Captain Hendrickson he felt distressed, dizzy, then seemed to change his mind, saying something to the effect of ‘Never mind, I’m ok.’ Hendrickson then asks if he’s sick, noting he looks a bit pale. Captain Ford says he got a Covid-19 vaccination a few days ago and is probably having a mild reaction. Ford is then heard talking to ATC and slumps forward in his chair and dies,” our source explained.

The federal government, he added, has applied enormous pressure on the aviation industry, including the FAA and NTSB, to avoid putting the word “vaccine” on incident reports.

“If a report with the word Covid-19 or vaccine crosses our desks, the report is amended to omit those words,” he said. “It’s obvious the government doesn’t want its vaccine maligned.”

Source: realrawnews.com

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