Lin Wood just did a long interview where he talked about everything, not the least of which is the dreadfully unconstitutional decisions being made by the Supreme Court.

Attorney Lin Wood: Why the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear the U.S. election fraud case?
Senator Bob Hall on what is going with the Texas power grid?



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One thought on “VIDEO: Lin Wood Goes On The Record After Latest Supreme Court Decision”
  1. I don’t like this mouth sucking, lip smacking, or shit stirring noises while talking. Only cocksucker faggot commies do that. Self important SOB doesn’t even have the respect for his listeners sufficient to spare us his oral farts. Content is good, but his credibility is deteriorated by his shit stirring oral emanations. I can hardly listen to this sanctimonious prick who doesn’t let his guests talk without shit head interruptions.

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