U.S. Navy SEALs had hoped to apprehend the criminal Joseph R. Biden on Thanksgiving Day. But when they arrived at billionaire David Rubenstein’s 13-acre Nantucket compound, where the Bidens allegedly spent the holiday, they found the place dark, deserted, and devoid of life. Sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that there was nary a Biden around the ritzy estate.

When the illegitimate administration announced the fraudulent president’s itinerary last week, White Hats saw an opportunity to either arrest Biden for treason or destroy whichever clone or body double went to Nantucket in his stead. Our source said White Hats were entirely prepared to “deal with” a Secret Service detail, as they abet the deception and are therefore accountable. Our source said White Hats are taking all applicable steps to end the cabal’s pervasive pattern of deceit.

General Smith, who has recovered and returned to duty, and his allies at Naval Special Warfare Command conceived a costly, complicated plan that involved a Navy SEAL Team, a Los Angeles-class attack submarine, and a Special Operations aircraft fitted with the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system, commonly called “Skyhook.” Developed by the CIA in the 1950s, “Skyhook” is a system for retrieving individuals on the ground using a harness and sling. It was portrayed fictionally in the blockbuster film The Dark Knight.

Had Biden been caught on Rubenstein’s beachfront property, the plane, loitering at a safe distance, would have performed a low-altitude incursion in restricted airspace, scooped up Biden, and dropped him in the drink beside the submarine. A recovery team would have brought the drenched and freezing fake president on board.


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The SEALs, our source said, arrived at Guantanamo Bay Monday and boarded the submarine, equipped with SEAL Delivery Vehicles (SDV), submersible sleds used to deliver United States Navy SEALs and their equipment for special operations missions. Once the boat left shallow water and submerged, the captain plotted a course for the North Atlantic.

“We’ve had more than one boat protecting GITMO since the Christmas Day attack. It would be imprudent to say which. It was decided GITMO would be safe without the sub there temporarily, and they had plenty of time to get to Nantucket before Thanksgiving,” our source said.

The submarine reached the chilly water off Nantucket Wednesday evening and navigated around the precarious shoals, an area extending eastward for 23 miles and southeastward for 40 miles from the island, which has claimed many ships. It maneuvered through a narrow channel that was only 70 feet deep—the minimum “official” operating depth for a Los Angeles-class sub—four nautical miles southwest of the harbor, a considerable distance and on the opposite coast from Rubenstein’s Island fortress.

Our source said the captain, averse to jeopardizing the boat with a closer approach, considered aborting the mission.

“Even though this was all mapped out in advance, he had trepidations. He didn’t want to scrape the bottom or run into a sandbar. And he didn’t want to be seen. They were barely at periscope depth. To top it off, the SEALs had to deploy and circuitously sled their way from the southwest to the southeast and then skirt the shore north to reach Rubenstein’s property. The SEALs couldn’t stroll on foot across the island because the whole damn place was crawling with cops and Secret Service everywhere. Nantucket was a clusterf***,” he said.

But the SEAL lead guaranteed the skipper that if he kept the submarine safe, the SEALs could and would complete their mission.

“They got to the shore of Rubenstein’s estate at turkey time, and it was deserted,” our source said. “And it made no damn sense. The place should’ve been wall-to-wall Bidens, crawling with them, like roaches. No people. No Secret Service. No Bidens. No cars. No tire tracks. Nothing. They scouted the property scanning with infrared for heat signatures inside buildings—still, nothing at all.”

What made the situation more perplexing, he added, was that the MSM had already published photographs of Joe and Jill handing out pumpkin pies at the Nantucket Fire Department earlier that afternoon, and Biden’s niece, Naomi, had presently tweeted an image of the Biden family toweling off following an icy dip—the Cold Turkey Plunge—in the bay.

“Two and two weren’t equaling four. The SEALs and Bidens should’ve butted heads. While we were rushing to get those pictures forensically analyzed—and they are Deep Fakes–the SEALs are thinking they walked into a trap, that the Deep State knew all along, and they’d get ambushed, and the sub blown from the water and the plane out of the sky.”

Source: realrawnews.com

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