There is a monumental disparity between how Donald J. Trump handled Covid-19 briefings and Joe Biden’s team handles theirs. Trump believed in transparency, and his Covid-19 updates—once he sidelined Fauci—laid bare the facts, proven by scientific, empirical data. His task force then courageously admitted masking was more about subjugation than controlling spread of the disease, and that the virus, in most cases, was no more virulent than a nasty case of the flu.

Biden’s Task Force’s approach has been wholeheartedly different. Rather than disseminate facts, the current Covid-19 Task Force shares lies tailored to fit an immoral agenda: cripple the economy, keep the population locked down in dire fear, and profit massively from vaccine sales. Their clandestine meetings are held thrice weekly, twice via videoconference and once, curiously, in a board room at the Capitol Hilton Hotel. Biden has not attended a meeting of either type since taking office.

An administration whistleblower who attended an in-person task force meeting gave RRN shocking testimony as to how Biden’s people are callously undermining the rights and freedoms Americans hold dear.

“It’s true Biden doesn’t attend meetings. I once heard him say ‘I don’t know anything about the virus, so why should I say anything. That’s your guys deal, not mine.’ Fauci is always there, as is CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith and a dozen other obscure physicians whose names you’ve never heard of. Make no mistake, Fauci is the shot caller.”

Fauci forbids discussion of vaccine side effects, or talk of, God forbid, persons the vaccines have reportedly killed. If anyone speaks negatively about the vaccines, Fauci quickly silences them. At the briefing our source attended, White House Communications Director Kim Bedingfield was alarmed that Tiffany Dover’s name was still aswirl in alternative media. A young, fit and healthy nurse from Alabama, Dover mysteriously vanished from public view after her vaccination was broadcast nationally.



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