White Hats hope the arrest of former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley will ripple through the Black Hat’s military echelon and cause it to regret swearing blind allegiance to an illegitimate president, knowing now that even its highest-ranking, longest-serving leader could not escape constitutional justice.

As reported yesterday, United States Marines apprehended Milley, 65, in Virginia. We have since learned the arrest occurred at Arlington National Cemetery—not Miley’s domicile—where he intended to pay respect to a fallen comrade. Our source said the operation was the culmination of years of labor and thousands of man-hours that began soon after Milley’s ouster from the Pentagon in May 2021.


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Following Milley’s unceremonious ejection from the Pentagon, Gen. Berger brought him before President Trump, who demanded answers for why Milley had sided with Nancy Pelosi on J6 and was mustering an army of “Never Trumpers” within the U.S. military. Trump reportedly gave Milley the drubbing of a lifetime. Still, Milley insisted he had not betrayed his president, saying he was secretly working undercover to expose swamp rats infesting the Armed Forces. Milley told Trump he was “this close” to exposing corruption when Gen. Berger’s men Shanghaied him at the Pentagon. In fact, Milley accused Gen. Berger of being a Deep Stater and cautioned Trump to tread and speak carefully in Gen. Berger’s presence. President Trump dismissed the accusation as a ridiculous innuendo, but he also had a tough time believing that Milley, who had served the uniform and the nation since 1980 and led several successful military campaigns, would turn to the dark side and embrace the Deep State agenda. He and Gen. Berger would spend several evenings discussing Milley’s future and fate while Milley was behind bars in a JAG holding facility in Pensacola, Florida.

There he sat while Gen. Berger implored Trump to expedite Milley’s trip to Guantanamo Bay to stand trial for treason. Enemy combatants, Gen. Berger said, deserved no leniency. Trump had a different idea and would later pay a hefty price for his heterodox views.

He freed Milley conditionally, keeping him on a retractable leash whereby he could be reeled in and rearrested if he slandered Trump or was caught speaking to Deep Staters without capturing the conversation on audio. President Trump allowed Milley to retain his rank but denied him further access to the Pentagon, which was under provisional control of the White Hats.

Meanwhile, Gen. Berger, who vehemently opposed Trump’s decision, unearthed proof that many of Milley’s medals and ribbons were unearned and tales of his heroics in battle blatant fiction or hyperbole. Moreover, Gen. Berger’s men surveilled a clandestine meeting between Milley and Chuck Schumer, which Milley neither recorded nor reported to President Trump. These events transpired within a week of his release in June 2021.

When Gen. Berger presented his findings and said, “You’d be doing me a big favor, Mr. President, if I can personally get him now,” Trump acquiesced, saying, “Looks like he’s a really, really bad guy. Our country has more traitors now the likes of which we’ve ever seen. I want him alive.”

But When Marines stormed Milley’s home a week later, they killed a body double wearing a prosthetic Milley mask in self-defense. To this day, White Hats have been unable to identify the double: his teeth had been surgically extracted and replaced with individual implants matching the shade, size, shape, and bite occlusion of the real Milley, and his fingerprints eroded by dipping in acid. DNA analyses proved futile. His driver’s license and ID card identified him as Milley.

“At the time this raised a lot of questions, like did we ever catch the real Milley to begin with. Back then we weren’t checking for clones or vaccinations or doing blood panels. So, Gen. Berger and Trump assumed the real Milley was alive and at large, somewhere out there, and when he later showed up on TV or at commencement ceremonies or at State of the Union Addresses, we, not meaning me personally, could tell they were nothing but doubles. Leadership ignored the doubles because they were hired by handlers and don’t know shit about Deep State operations. And because we’d be playing right into the Deep State’s hand—them sitting around laughing their asses off as we grab double after double,” our source said.

After Gen. Berger relinquished command of the White Hats to General Eric M. Smith in January 2023, the latter amplified efforts to find the legitimate missing general, especially after it became known that a signature matching his appeared on paperwork endorsing the transfer of military hardware to Ukraine. Milley had also called for vaccinating infants of female service members and dependents.

Gen. Smith cast a broad net—boots on the ground and extensive electronic surveillance. Milley’s voice was often heard on taped phone calls, but White Hats at ARCYBER or Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command ruled those forgeries, ostensibly to lead them on wild goose chases.


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Thus was the cycle until Sunday, when ARCYBER intercepted a call between Milley and his wife Hollyanne, on which an emotional Milley gushed about his imminent retirement and said he had to see “an old friend Monday” at Arlington National Cemetery before embarking on a lengthy vacation abroad. “I’ll send for you as soon as I can,” Milley told Hollyanne.

“A voiceprint check said it was Milley. And Gen. Smith didn’t think a double would break down in tears. Milley’s emotions got the better of him, and he f* up, and Gen. Smith set a trap,” our source said.

By the time the cemetery opened at 8:00 a.m., 64 undercover Marines had eyes on all eight entrances and exits. At 9:17, Milley pulled into the welcome center parking lot in full military dress. He was at once approached by three uniformed Marines asking to shake his hand, congratulating him on a successful career and wishing him a happy, healthy retirement.

Source: realrawnews.com

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