Investigators from the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on Tuesday arrested Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen at a Maryland hotel, alleging that the Deep State despot had engineered a diabolical scheme that clandestinely sent hundreds of billions of American tax dollars to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, far more than the $75bn the criminal Biden Regime has admitted to giving its felonious collaborator in Ukraine.




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A source at CID’s Fort Liberty, NC, field office told Real Raw News that investigators apprehended Yellen and an unnamed associate outside the Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel in Baltimore at approximately 9:30 p.m. Yellen was shown a military arrest warrant charging her with treason and defrauding the United States of America before being shuttled to a processing center for interrogation.

He said Yellen seemed bewildered at the news and did not try to flee or resist. The associate, identified as Yellen’s chauffeur and bodyguard, was jailed as an accessory to Yellen’s crimes.

The White Hats’ investigation into Yellen’s criminality began in October 2022, when Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Shannon Corless voluntarily surrendered to JAG personnel in Pensacola, Fl, claiming she had helped Yellen conceal financial transactions whereby they unlawfully redistributed tens of millions of Treasury Department dollars to radical left organizations such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. At the time, Corless offered JAG an SD card allegedly holding proof of her claims and potentially more incriminating evidence against Yellen. She said she was unable to access several password-protected files.

The data in those files, JAG would later discover, implicated Yellen in financial crimes that exponentially surpassed the millions of dollars threshold. According to our source, Yellen used handsomely paid minions to funnel Zelenskyy cash while obfuscating her own lawbreaking.


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“There are smoking guns there,” our source said. “We can now prove the administration gave Ukraine $50bn four months before Vladimir Putin launched his Special Military Operation in Ukraine, for example. There is no public mention of these disbursements. Each transaction has the same common denominator—Yellen and Treasury. It has taken a long time to catch this one. There’s a few reasons this country has gone bankrupt, and she’s one of them.”

He said Yellen was among the horde of Deep Staters to flee the United States once the regime’s despots suspected their names appeared on sealed indictments, and learned that their avaricious allies were being charged with, convicted of, and executed for high treason.


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