Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany ripped Vice President Kamala Harris to pieces this week for doing nothing to fix the Biden border crisis.

During an interview on Fox News, McEnany slammed Harris for not visiting the southern border and tossing the “political grenade” back to Biden rather than solve the crisis.

“We were told a week ago by President Biden that the most qualified person, most qualified to stem the tide of illegal immigration to our southern border is Vice President Kamala Harris,” McEnany said.

“Here we are, a week out, and all of a sudden she seems to have tossed this problem back to Joe Biden after the headlines came out like the one from Politico that Joe Biden handed Kamala Harris a grenade, a political grenade,” she added.

“She tossed that grenade right back to him [Biden], because for Kamala Harris, this was about having latitude without the blame. And what I mean is the latitude to reach out to foreign leaders without accepting the blame when the ill-advised Biden policy — or lack thereof, lack of a plan — goes south as it already has,” she continued.



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