President Donald J. Trump on Thursday weighed in on the child sex trafficking scandal erupting around Republican House Representative Matt Gaetz, saying that Deep State provocateurs within the Biden administration are waging a war of attrition against legislators helping him to invalidate the fraudulent 2020 election.

Gaetz, a MAGA favorite and rising star in the Republican Party, came under scrutiny this week after the New York Times, citing two anonymous sources, revealed that federal investigators were looking into whether he violated sex trafficking laws in his alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl. The DoJ alleged that Gaetz met her on a “sugar daddy” dating website and payed her to accompany him across state lines from D.C. to Florida. The age of consent in D.C. is 16; but 18 in Florida.

Gaetz admitted he financially supported female companions during his single years, but he insisted they were all legal age. He called the investigation a “Deep State organized criminal extortion plot.”

Donald J. Trump seems to agree. A Mar-a-Lago source involved in Trump’s plan to overturn the 2020 election told Real Raw News that Trump contacted the besieged congressman on Thursday, saying “the establishment” was attacking his supporters in response to his efforts to “drain the swamp” and incarcerate true criminals.

“We’re rounding them up and locking them up, some very, very, bad people. They’re retaliating against us. They’re coming after you and they’re coming after me. We need to stand strong, very strong,” Trump reportedly told Gaetz.

Trump, our source said, has formed a commission headed by Stephen K. Bannon to refute the ludicrous allegations.

“Trump knows this is a witch-hunt. He’s mustering the full force and effect of his assets to vindicate Gaetz before Biden’s criminal DoJ brings formal charges against him. Trump knows it’s false, because they keep embellishing on the story. First it was an underage girl. Then it was escorting her across state lines. Now they have the nerve to say Matt Gaetz was tripping on ecstasy while in her company,” our source said.

The Deep State has long sought Gaetz’s destruction, our source added.

Gaetz, first elected in 2016, has fashioned himself a conservative firebrand in his five years in Congress. An advocate for President Trump and conservative values, Gaetz has spent his political years combatting rampant liberalism and the erosion of American morality. His opposition to the Deep State made him a ripe target.

“This is a Deep State setup. We’ll use every weapon in our inventory to prove you’ve been setup,” Trump purportedly said to Gaetz.

Trump is not his only ally. Judiciary Committee ranking Republican Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed support for Gaetz and said the Deep State was trying to malign Trump-loving Republican lawmakers ahead of, Taylor Greene said, mass arrests dropping on the Clinton/Obama/Biden cabal.

“Loyal Republicans will side with Gaetz. A few will turn, show their true colors. That’s when we’ll know who the traitors are,” our source said.



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