Vice President Kamala Harris could be impeached. That’s what Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warns might happen if Republicans retake the House of Representatives and follow the low-standard for impeachment set by the current Democratic majority. 

Democrats tried convicting a private citizen, former President Donald Trump, for words he uttered on Jan. 6, the day some of his supporters took part in the Capitol riot. Trump told his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically,” but Democrats still blamed Trump for the actions of some of his supporters. But if Trump’s words amounted to “inciting a riot,” then what about Democrats, like Vice President Kamala Harris, who knowingly supported violent rioters by bailing them out of jail? 

Lindsey Graham told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Democrats have opened pandora’s box. 

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“And if you use this model, I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if the Republicans take over the House because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here, and I’m sad for the country,” said Graham.

When violent riots erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Kamala Harris donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, along with Biden campaign staffers and Hollywood airheads. The fund bailed out rioters arrested amid the mayhem. According to reports, some of those rioters returned to the streets where they victimized additional people. Imagine the reaction from Democrats and the media if Trump was bailing out the Capitol rioters?



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