According to CNN, multiple people have reported that former President Donald Trump has privately expressed fears that he could face charges as a result of the January 6 riot he’s accused of inciting.

Trump has been noticeably quiet since leaving the White House last month. Although his silence can be attributed to being banned from social media, it is also related to concerns of facing criminal charges.

“He’s worried about it,” an adviser close to the former president told CNN.

As previously reported by theGrio, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voted to acquit Trump at the end of the Senate impeachment trial, but he blamed Trump’s actions and rhetoric for sparking the attack on the US Capitol.

“There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it. The people that stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president,” McConnell said.

“And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole, which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on the Earth,” McConnell added.

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CNN has previously reported that federal investigators could look at everyone involved in the unrest at the U.S. Capitol, including the role Trump played in inciting the crowd, according to the acting US attorney in Washington.

When asked by a reporter in January if Trump should be investigated for his role in the deadly Capitol riot, acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin said, “We’re looking at all actors here and anyone that had a role and, if the evidence fits the elements of the crime, they’re going to be charged.”



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