According to a report from the New York Times, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) would like nothing better than for former President Donald Trump to leave the national stage, retire quietly and spend his days playing golf for the rest of his days at his Mar-a-Lago resort after getting what he wanted out of the ex-president for the past four years.

With Trump making plans to reassert himself within the Republican Party after surviving his second impeachment trial, McConnell is expected to wage a cold war with the former commander in chief as the GOP leader attempts to rebuild a damaged party that just lost the Senate and the White House.

As the Times report notes, McConnell never wanted Trump as the face of the party but — after being stuck with him following his 2016 presidential win that even McConnell didn’t think was possible — he jumped in bed with him to push through his own agenda.

“Like most Americans, Mr. McConnell expected Mr. Trump to lose to Hillary Clinton in November 2016, and he also braced for the potential loss of the Senate majority as party pollsters and strategists predicted a big night for Democrats. Much to the surprise of Mr. McConnell, Republicans held on and Mr. Trump triumphed, an outcome for which Mr. McConnell could deservedly take some credit,” the report states, adding, “Mr. McConnell, the canny Senate leader, and Mr. Trump, the Washington novice suddenly ensconced in the White House, became a team. It was not a great personal match. Mr. McConnell spilled nothing of his intentions; Mr. Trump spilled all.”

That relationship allowed McConnell to pack the courts and push through a major tax cut for the rich, while the ex-president was allowed to preen that he was making America great again.



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