We’ve been having a lot of fun recently over on my show, The Daily Truth Report.

Earlier today I published my new interview with Bo Polny that you can watch here.

And today I had the absolute pleasure of having Mark Taylor back on the show.

I constantly receive emails asking “what’s Mark saying?”

“Has Mark changed his tune?”

“Has Mark retracted his prophecy that Donald Trump would serve a second term?”

In a word:  NO!

Not one bit.

Mark’s been down this road before.

It was 2011 when he first started telling people that God told him Donald Trump would become President of the United States.

At that point, Donald Trump was best known for his golden hair and being a reality TV star on The Apprentice.

Taylor was mocked and ridiculed by many, even as late as 2015.

Remember when President Trump announced he was running?

Everyone laughed.

And they kept laughing even as he gradually defeated each of his 17 challengers one by one.

But Taylor stood firm, he knew what God had told him.

You know the end of that story.

Then God told Taylor that Trump would indeed serve a second term and Taylor stood firm.

I’d like to suggest to you that we’re somewhere in that 2015 timeframe where everyone is laughing, scoffing, saying it’s impossible!

He’s lost!

It’s over!

Except for one thing….

“But God”

Source: welovetrump.com


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