A road-weary Michael Pence had written a brief apology to Donald Trump for his participation in the Jan 6. Electoral College certification process before Congress. Added information, fresh from a Mar-a-Lago source, suggests that Trump contemptuously shredded the correspondence, calling it a half-hearted attempt by Pence to excuse his role in endorsing a fraudulent election and seating an illegitimate president.

A Mar-a-Lago source who has spent considerable time in Trump’s presence of late told RRN that Trump was grievously wounded by Pence’s betrayal.

“Trump still has trouble believing that Pence stabbed him in the back,” our source said. “Trump gave Pence every opportunity to do the right thing—to reject fraudulent electors. Pence was cautioned repeatedly not to allow Democratic electors from states where there was proven election fraud to seat Biden. Trump was saddened beyond belief; he trusted Pence and considered him a friend.”

Despite Trump’s anger, he used an intermediary to send Pence a civilized response, our source added. He claimed to have knowledge of—but had not seen—a letter outlining Trump’s conditions for forgiving Pence’s seditious actions toward America and its people.

First, Pence must make a public admission of guilt and ask the Americans for forgiveness, while acknowledging his involvement in a Deep State scheme to undermine Democracy. The terms stipulate that Pence earnestly show abject repentance for his impiety and disloyalty.

Second, Pence must name his co-conspirators in open court. The terms of Trump’s letter require that Pence identify each and every Democrat and Deep State operative who spoke to him about participating in election fraud, and a single omission, our source said, would invalidate the agreement.

“Trump wants all the players. He knows who many are, but he wants to hear it directly from Pence’s mouth. Trump ain’t without mercy, and he believes Pence was coerced or blackmailed into working for the Deep State. Who knows what they had on him?” our source said.

While Trump may forgive, he will never forget. And forgiveness doesn’t mean Pence will be welcomed back into Trump’s diplomatic fold.

“Pence’s weaknesses are now obvious. He’s shown he can be bought, bribed, or blackmailed. Since he’s not found asylum in a non-extradition country, the best he can hope for is a life free of Trump’s wrath, if he’s willing to come clean and confess,” our source said.

In closing, our source said Pence must confess both on paper and in a public forum friendly to conservative values. If he doesn’t, he’ll forever be branded an unrepentant traitor.

Source: realrawnews.com


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