MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace offered her analysis during the first break in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial on Tuesday.

“I’ve been baking my way through the pandemic…I will use the cake analogy here,” Wallace began.

“I hought that what the Democrats presented was a three-layer cake. The foundation, that appears to be squarely on their side, was a legal case about the constitutionality,” she explained. “And they made it with the words of some of the most revered and respected conservative legal all-stars. They used Chuck Cooper, they used judges appointed by former President Bush, they used Jonathan Turley, who was an impeachment manager on the Trump side in the first impeachment.”

“I thought the next layer was that video, that that was the heart of their case, the horror. It’s like watching a documentary about Benghazi or Mumbai or any deadly attack premeditated and plotted and incited in full view, and carried out without remorse, without shame, and with clearly evil intent,” she continued.

Video Wallace was referencing:

Trump Impeachment: Rep. Raskin’s Video Montage of Capitol Insurrection | The Recount

And then I thought the top layer was the gut punch — was Congressman Raskin’s story of where he was and why. He was in Steny Hoyer’s office because he had just lost his son and he brought his family there because they were grieving together. And I thought one of the most powerful things he said was that he was being lifted up by Democrats and Republicans and he planned to give a speech that day, the day of the insurrection, about unity. And we all know what happened next,” she noted.

“And I don’t know on what grounds Republicans think that they can look away, but I don’t think anyone watching, I don’t think anyone in the country looked away,” Wallace said.





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