As opening statements began Tuesday for President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, legal experts flocked to Twitter to explain the ins and outs of the arguments for and against conviction.

While the first hour dealt with the case laid out by Democratic House Impeachment Managers, the second portion of the opener featured Trump’s lawyers, who left experts scratching their digital heads.

Law Professor Jennifer Taub was live-tweeting the statements calling out specific lies that the defense team tried to claim. Outside of calling it “the nacho hack video,” she also disputed claims that Trump wasn’t given the opportunity to defend himself because there wasn’t a hearing in the House. It was an argument she called absurd.

She also responded to the video that the Trump team showed attacking Democrats for saying that they wanted to impeach Trump early on in his presidency. She noted that Trump was in violation of the law on his first day in office.

See the rest of the comments from legal experts below:




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