A reporter asked Psaki during her press briefing Wednesday if there is some consideration to taking a look at the Second Amendment following two fatal mass shootings in less than one week.

“No one is talking about overturning or changing the Second Amendment. What our focus is on is putting in place common-sense measures that will make our community safer, make families safer, make kids safer,” Psaki replied.

She continued, “The majority of the American public supports background checks. The majority of the American public does not believe that anyone needs to have an assault weapon. So that’s really what our focus is on at this point in time.”

Vice President Kamala Harris also told CBS News earlier on Wednesday gun control legislation does not mean Americans will lose their guns, as IJR reported.

“Reject the false choices, stop pushing it for sure. Stop pushing the false choice that this means everybody’s trying to come after your guns. That is not what we’re talking about,” Harris said.

When discussing the Second Amendment, Harris explained the point is not to get rid of it, “It’s simply about saying we need reasonable gun safety laws. There’s no reason why we have assault weapons on the streets of a civil society. They are weapons of war. They are designed to kill a lot of people quickly.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested on Tuesday the immediate reaction Democrats have to mass shootings is taking guns away from citizens.

“What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens, because that’s their political objective,” Cruz said.

The House of Representatives passed a pair of gun control measures last week. Biden called on Congress to act and pass the legislation.

Source: designerzcentral.com; ijr.com


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