Paraphrasing Moses’s admonition to Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus, Donald J. Trump on Monday sent a shocking message to Biden’s Department of Justice, telling AG Merrick Garland “let my people go,” a reference to patriots whom, Trump said, the DOJ had unlawfully indicted for their participation in the Jan 6 Capitol riots.

A source in Trump’s orbit told RRN that Trump made an impromptu telephone call to Garland after learning that Biden’s criminal government planned to file sedition charges against four members of the Proud Boys, a peaceful but often maligned group of Trump-loving, law-abiding American citizens.

On Friday, authorities leveled charges of treason and conspiracy against Zach Rahl, 35, of Pennsylvania, Charles Donohoe, 33, of North Carolina, Joseph Biggs, an Army veteran and self-described Proud Boys organizer, and Ethan Nordean, a member of a Proud Boys leadership council. Authorities alleged the Proud Boys had conspired to disrupt the Jan 6 Electoral College certification by kidnapping or assassinating former VP Michael Pence.

The Proud Boys named on the indictment vehemently refuted the Justice Department’s charges, and they claimed they were present that day to exercise their right to peacefully protest the results of a fraudulent election, as stipulated in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Rahl and Donohoe claimed they never entered the Capitol building, and Nordean said that D.C. police officers granted him permission to enter the building. Dozens of witnesses corroborated those claims, but Biden’s DOJ cared more about making examples of them than it did about following procedural law.

If convicted, the four Proud Boys could spend 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

“When Trump heard the boys might be going up the river for an exceptionally long time—that’s when he called the POS Merrick Garland and gave him a piece of his mind. From what I know, Trump told him the Proud Boys might have acted a little imprudently, but they hadn’t committed any crimes. Trump told Garland it was in his best interest to at once drop charges and release the Proud Boys, but Garland pushed back. I know this because Trump discussed the call,” our source said.

Merrick Garland, our source added, told Trump that he answered only to Joseph Biden, and that the government had collected overwhelming evidence proving the Proud Boys planned not only to kidnap or kill Michael Pence but also hold the Capitol hostage until “all traitors” were purged from Washington, D.C. When Trump asked to review the alleged evidence, Garland said Trump had no authority to make demands while Biden occupied the Oval Office.

“That’s ending soon, and if you don’t set my people free, the next name on an indictment will be yours,” Trump purportedly said, alluding to a voluminous collection of sealed indictments on Deep State operatives which he has promised to unseal upon invalidating the 2020 presidential election and returning to power.

“Trump has evidence that the vast majority of people at the Capitol that day were ANTIFA provocateurs. None of them has spent a day behind bars, but the lawful Trump supporters are being made examples of, even if they were just minding their own business. It’s a witch hunt against patriots,” our source said.



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