Vladimir Putin has destroyed sixty percent of all Covid-19 vaccines in Russia and will continue waging war against the Deep State’s “poison” until every dose on Russian soil is demolished, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

As reported on March 4, Putin linked the Sputnik and CoviVac vaccines to a dramatic spike in HIV cases across the Russian Federation. He tasked his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, with overseeing a massive operation to purge hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics of drugs, as well as shutting down vaccine production facilities. Moreover, he reportedly said the scientists who put HIV in Covid vaccines must be put to death for their crimes.


According to Zakharov, Russian Special Forces and State security agents have run a blitzkrieg on hospitals from Moscow to Ayan on the Sea of Okhotsk, from Omsk on the Kazakhstan border to Saskylakh in the frigid north. Regular troops have been pulled off the Ukrainian front to aid in the vaccine purge.

Per Putin’s orders, Russian forces first targeted large hospitals in densely populated cities, as those locations held the largest stockpiles, confiscating vaccines and arresting or executing staff that opposed Putin’s lawful orders. Hospital administrators in Moscow, Minsk, and St. Petersburg were beheaded for defying Putin’s mandate.

“They didn’t cooperate and paid the price for their insolence,” Zakharov said. “We have caught hospitals trying to hide the vaccines. This treason cannot be allowed. We are finding and destroying them — the vaccines and the vaccine lovers.”

He added that vaccine destruction is not a simple affair; Russian forces are not imprudently raiding hospitals and smashing vaccine vials. Putin has expressed concern over the ramifications of effluents seeping into the topsoil and infiltrating groundwater, a potential ecological and biological catastrophe. Therefore, all confiscated vaccines are brought by military convoy to the Mezhgorye research station beneath Mount Yamantau in the Ural Mountains, a lengthy journey across grueling terrain. There, the vaccines are placed in what Zakharov called a “flash chamber” — an isolated, enclosed structure wherein matter is exposed to intense heat up to 6314 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We found it odd that water turns to vapor at 100 Celsius, but these vaccines took 800 Celsius to evaporate. Our scientists concluded this is due to the presence of metals in the vaccines. Our facility renders the vapor inert,” Zakharov said.


That Vladimir Putin has managed to eliminate sixty percent of Vaccines in less than a month is truly a monumental achievement, Zakharov added.

“President Putin has a commitment to humanity,” he said.

The battle to rid Russia of vaccines, however, has taken a heavy toll on Russian forces. When Spetznas moved against a hospital in Perm, located on the banks of the Kama River near the Ural Mountains, they met unexpected resistance; forty vaccine advocates armed with automatic weapons guarded the stairwell to a basement brimming with chilled vaccines. Five Spetznas died, but the mission was ultimately successful.

Source: realrawnews.com

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