AOC seems to be one of the first in her corrupt party to start becoming dissatisfied with the man she once said was, “going to be receptive to [our] advocacy, activism and protest”. I guess Biden isn’t being as extreme on the topic of immigration as she would like.

Fox News reports, “New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned the Biden administration’s decision to temporarily reopen a Texas migrant facility this week, launching a fundraising campaign Friday to ask constituents to fight for immigration reform.”

Turns out the cages that Obama built are still being well used by Joe Biden, and the waitress-in-chief of the Democrats is one of the only people in her party that wants to throw a fit about it.

“This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay – no matter the administration or party”, she said with no mention of the name of the man who initiated the practice.



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