At a Tuesday morning meeting, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and state AG Ashley Moody discussed whether the Sunshine State had legal authority to secede from the United States in the wake of learning that the Biden administration might impose even stricter, draconian-style lockdowns and mask mandates in the coming months.

A source at the governor’s office told RRN that DeSantis learned of plan, spearheaded by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is sometimes called the “Deep State Doctor,” that would force by executive order law-abiding American citizens to wear two masks while on federal property—including national parks and forests—and on all public transportation, even if they’ve had a Covid-19 vaccination. Moreover, the administration aims to hire “federal mask checkers,” a gestapo-style police force to patrol city streets in search of non-conformists, who would be federally fined and publicly shamed on a government website.

Curiously, Fauci recommended to Biden waiting until April before setting the plan in motion, our source said.

“When Gov. DeSantis heard this, his head spun, and he said there was no scientific grounding for such action. Even if there were, why wait until April? It made no sense. He called Biden an idiot, compared him to Hitler. Gov. DeSantis predicts the US will be unrecognizable in a few years, that it’ll turn into another Venezuela. He literally had AG Moody investigate the ramifications of secession,” our source said.

Although secession is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, the Supreme Court in 1869 ruled unilateral secession unconstitutional (Texas v. White, 1869.)

Nonetheless, AG Moody told DeSantis that Floridians have a natural right which cannot be given to any government, and no government can take it away—the natural right of people to form a government for mutual protection, happiness, and prosperity.

“If the rights of the people of Florida as recognized by the Constitution are not protected by the federal government, then they have the right to separate themselves from their oppressors—in this case Joseph Biden and his administration,” AG Moody reportedly said.

“Gov. DeSantis doesn’t often lose his cool, but he is raving mad at Biden and Fauci. He knows they got an agenda, and it’s about control, not a virus,” our source said.

AG Moody told him she would investigate all options, but she was adamant that secession be the court of last resort, our source added.

RRN contacted Charles Abernathy, a constitutional authority and professor of law at Georgetown University, for clarification on a state’s ability to succeed from the union. Constitutional illegalities aside, he addressed several pitfalls that would befall a state that severed ties to D.C.

“The problems are incalculable. What if, for example, the feds restricted trade to and from Florida. How would it survive? It lacks natural resources for self-sufficiency. Unless they eat only oranges, the people of Florida would slowly starve. And what if, and this is really a what if, a foreign nation invaded Florida? Sure, they’d have their national guard, but what good is a national guard against an invading army. There are simply too many examples to cite. If other states came to Florida’s rescue, they too would have to secede. This would inevitably lead to a second civil war,” Professor Abernathy said.

In closing, our source said he believes that DeSantis is seriously weighing the merits of secession and that DeSantis plans to pitch the idea to Florida’s legislative bodies in the coming weeks.

“DeSantis isn’t the type of governor who’s going to take this laying down. He isn’t Biden’s bitch,” he said.



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