Former President Donald J. Trump may have been run out of the swamp, but the witch hunt goes on with his enemies fully mobilized to prevent his return.

While Trump continues to mull a 2024 White House run, efforts are underway to use every dirty trick in the book to take him out with extreme prejudice. Now, a familiar cast of characters have emerged as conspirators.

One of them is Andrew Weissman, the vicious former prosecutor who was fondly referred to as “Mueller’s pit bull” for his role on Robert Mueller’s sweeping investigation into the Russian collusion hoax.

Weissman, who resigned in 2019, soon got a job on cable television like many other Obama-Clinton loyalists. He now draws a paycheck from MSNBC where he works as a legal analyst and he has laid out the latest evil scheme to prevent another Trump presidency.

The ex-prosecutor joined Nicole Wallace to discuss the likelihood that Trump would be indicted in a purely political move by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., a Democrat with higher political aspirations.

Weissman fantasized about the possibility that Trump could end up being effectively “imprisoned” in Florida if Republican Governor Ron DeSantis chooses to fight attempts to extradite him to New York.



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